Time to play with music!

Discover the origin of chords and learn to

compose with the help of loveable characters.

MusicBOX is a universal application to play,

experiment and share music on any device.

  • Music box Web App
  • Music Box Mobile App
  • Music Box for XO

+ 8 and up

Teach music like you never imagined!

With MusicBox in your school, children will learn

the history behind the chords and how to compose

their own songs to share.

MusicBOX is an interactive application with fun

activities including comics, games and animations.

Give a twist to your music class. Have fun with

your students and awaken their passion for music!


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have a registration code.

Contact Us

If you want more information on how

to bring MusicBox to your school.

+ 4 and up

Activate your child's creativity in worlds

where plants are trumpets, birds are beaming

notes or the moon is a beating drum.

Touch all the elements! Discover sounds

and animations hidden everywhere.

A text-less universal mobile app for kids to

explore and play with music.


Interactive worlds to explore.

Cool games to play while learning.

Beautiful original sounds and artwork.

A colorful piano to create, record and

share songs.

And much more!

At FunBox, we work to make quality education accessible to everyone and we want MusicBOX to

reach as many kids as possible. For this reason, MusicBOX will be soon available for XO.

XO is a low-cost and connected laptop given to children all around the world.

With access to this type of tool, they are engaged in their own education, and learn, share,

and create together.

OLPC’s mission, the organization that promotes this, is to empower the world's

poorest children through education. http://one.laptop.org/